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The Rt. Rev. Thomas James Brown

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The Rt. Rev. Thomas James Brown was ordained and consecrated the tenth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine on June 22, 2019 in a ceremony witnessed by more than 900 people at St. Luke’s Cathedral in Portland, Maine. 

On October 26, 2019, he was formally welcomed at the Cathedral of Saint Luke in Portland,  and seated in the cathedra, or bishop’s chair, as part of a traditional ceremony that recognizes and invests a newly ordained and consecrated bishop. The seating of Bishop Brown and service concluded the 200th Convention of the Diocese and marked the year-long Bicentennial Celebration Kick-off. 

In his first formal address, Bishop Brown reflected on the past four months serving the more than 10,000 people in 59 churches and ministries across Maine, commenting “The Diocese of Maine is a community with highly-developed skills in creating and sustaining relationships. We are a relational diocese, in a relational state. This is among God’s biggest blessings.” Acknowledging the many uncertainties that lie ahead he affirmed “a changing church comes with blessing and honor and glory. And a swiftly changing society, in an environment where people understand and relate to the sacred in a variety of ways, is a challenge, for sure, but nothing is insurmountable when we stand on the rock of Jesus Christ." 

In concluding his remarks Bishop Brown stated, “Today, we discern only a few of the opportunities that grace will put before us; we intuit only some of the challenges that will test our faith, our generosity, even our resolve. But through it all, there are constants too. We stand on Christ the solid Rock, a firm foundation. Growing in the knowledge and love of God is our aim, the Golden Rule is our guide, and openness to honoring the Spirit in all whom we meet is the way forward.”  

Bishop Brown presided at the service which was livestreamed and attended by clergy, lay members and choirs from throughout the diocese. For the video of Bishop Brown’s formal Seating service and address click here

Bishop Brown succeeded the Rt. Rev. Stephen T. Lane who retired in June of 2019.  The Bishop and his spouse, Rev. Thomas Mousin, reside in Portland.

Click here for a pdf of the Oct 26 press release regarding the Seating of Bishop Brown.
Click here for a pdf of the June 22 press release regarding Bishop Brown's Consecration.  
Please direct press inquires and requests for interviews to Katie Clark, Director of Communications, (207) 223-2230.

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