Retired Clergy

Retired Clergy and Spouses Newsletter

A newsletter is sent to retired (CPG) priests and surviving spouses canonically or physically resident in the Episcopal Diocese of Maine. Are you receiving this email? Questions? Please contact Canon Barbara Martin.  

Chaplains to Retired Clergy

Please be in touch with either of our chaplains!
The Rev. Lawrence (Larry) Estey 
Ms. Elizabeth S.M. Estey
(207) 253-1830 

Retired Clergy Online Gatherings via Zoom

11 January;   8 February*;    8 March;   12 April;    10 May;   14 June 
You only need to register once to attend any or all gatherings.  

*Save the Date to Gather with Bishop Brown

Bishop Brown will join us for a Zoom meeting on Monday, February 8 at 1:30 PM. If you're interested in what Bishop Brown's hopes are for the church in Maine, or simply want to meet him, please join us. Do you have questions for Bishop Brown? This is the perfect opportunity to ask them!   All retired clergy living in Maine are cordially invited and warmly welcome to attend whether or not Bishop Brown is "your" bishop! See registration link above. 

Join Our Facebook Group

We'll occasionally post something on our Facebook page and invite you to join-search for "Retired Episcopal Clergy in Maine." Maybe even a place for some humor! Please note, this Facebook group is Private, which means other people on Facebook cannot see what is posted in this group. You can 'find' the group in the search bar by typing in search words such as 'clergy' 'Maine' 'retired' but cannot enter or participate unless a moderator approves you to enter and participate.

Technology Tutoring 

If you need a little tutoring, or have a question about how to connect to the Zoom conversations or our Facebook page, please be in touch with Canon Barbara Martin.

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