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Education for Ministry (EfM): A Program of Theological Education Sponsored by the Diocese


The EfM program prepares trainees for the ministry to which we are all called by virtue of our Baptisms.  All baptized Christian are called to be active participants in the church’s vocation to continue the ministry of Jesus; for that, one needs an understanding of Scripture and an awareness of the church through history as the Body of Christ.  As the emphasis on lay ministry has grown, EfM has come to play an important role in Christian formation by providing a program that develops an informed and knowledgeable laity that is confident and inspired to serve as Christ served.
The entire EfM training program covers the study of the Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, and Theology.  Though the program is comprehensive and has four years of material, trainees need only commit themselves to one year of study at a time.  One always begins in Year I, and then may continue with Year II in the following years; or one may take years off and return later to the program as suits one’s schedule.

For more information:

Visit the Education for Ministry website (http://www.sewanee.edu/EFM/index.htm)
Read about the Spiritual Autobiography work that happens in EfM here: SpiritualAutobiographybytheRev.EdGreene-June2016 

EfM TAKES PLACE LOCALLY IN A SMALL GROUP, GUIDED BY A TRAINED MENTOR (Scroll down for information about Mentor Training)

The EfM experience is rich and enjoyable because the discussion of lessons and theological reflection* take place in community, with participants making connections and sharing their insights. Groups meet once a week, September through June, and usually take holidays off. 


  • EfM Program creator: EfM was developed in 1975 by the School of Theology of the University of the South at Sewanee. Visit the EfM website: http://www.sewanee.edu/EFM/index.htm
  • EfM Groups Recently Meeting in Episcopal Churches in Maine:
St. John's, Bangor; Mentor - Pat Sprague, 
St. Thomas' Camden; Mentor - Rosalee Glass, 
St. John Baptisit, Thomaston; Mentor - Emily Rotch and Emily Jenks,  and 
St. Davids, Kennebunk; Mentor - Sue Andrews, 
  • Cost of tuition and materials: $350.00 per year; where there is need, partial scholarships available
  • Credits given: Continuing education credits are available; there are no examinations or papers. EfM does not grant college credits
  • For more information about joining an existing group, about starting a new one in your location, or about attending mentor training, contact the Diocesan Office -
  • Most common EfM Schedule for the Year
September---EfM groups begin their meetings for the year
December-January---Groups usually break for Christmas during this period
June---EfM groups begin a summer break
June-August---Registration for EfM groups beginning in the fall
November- Mentor training


143 State Street (mail to PO Box 4036) | Portland, ME 04101-4036 | Phone: (207) 772-1953 |