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CANON 6, DIOCESE OF MAINE (Of the Secretary of the Diocese)

Section 1. Unless otherwise directed by the Convention, the Secretary shall give written notice of the time and place of the meeting of a Convention by mailing a copy of such notice to each Clerical Member of the Convention and to the Clerk of every Parish or Mission in union with the Convention together with the certificates for Lay Delegates. The notice of any Special Convention shall specify the purpose thereof.

Section 2. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to mail a copy in blank form of the Parochial Report to every incumbent of a Parish or Mission, which shall be duly filled in and returned before the first day of the month specified. The Secretary shall, with whatever assistance the Secretary deems necessary, examine all Parochial Reports and return for correction those in which errors or omissions appear. He shall compile, file, and keep on record the statistics from the Parochial Reports for presentation to the Annual Convention following the year for which such reports were made. A complete tabulation of all Parochial Reports shall be printed in the Journal.

Section 3. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to prepare for presentation to each Diocesan Convention a report on the actions taken on each of the resolutions adopted by the previous Diocesan Convention.

Section 4. In case of the disability of the Secretary of the Diocese, the duties shall devolve upon one of the Assistant Secretaries, if there be such, in order of their appointment; if not, upon the Secretary of the Standing Committee.

NEED TO ELECT: One person for a one year term.

Responsibilities: The position of Secretary of the Diocese requires familiarity with the process of the Convention. In addition to the canonical responsibilities, the Secretary oversees the registration of delegates to convention and monitors the balloting and election process during Convention. Serves as Secretary of Diocesan Council requiring attendance at Council meetings (two Saturdays and two Friday evening/Saturday overnights) during the year. Significant support is provided by the diocesan staff to fulfill canonical requirements.

Time Commitment: 5 days per year

Expenses: Travel, room and meals at Diocesan Convention and Diocesan Council meetings, reimbursed by diocese if requested.

Current Secretary

Ms Karen Perka (2022)

143 State Street (mail to PO Box 4036) | Portland, ME 04101-4036 | Phone: (207) 772-1953 |