CANON 12, DIOCESE OF MAINE (Of Deputies to the Provincial Synod)

Section 1. Every two years, one clerical deputy and one lay alternate deputy to the Provincial Synod, may be elected by the Annual Convention for a term of two years; and in the intervening years, one lay deputy and one clerical alternate deputy to the Provincial Synod may be elected for a term of two years.

Section 2. If the Annual Convention does not elect either or both of the deputies or alternate deputies in any year as provided in Section 1, or if any deputy office becomes vacant during the term thereof, the persons serving from time to time as First Clerical Deputy, Second Clerical Deputy, First Lay Deputy and Second Lay Deputy to the House of Deputies of the General Convention of The Episcopal Church from the Diocese of Maine shall serve ex officio in the vacant office as the Clerical Deputy, Alternate Clerical Deputy, Lay Deputy and Alternate Lay Deputy, respectively, to the Provincial Synod from the Diocese of Maine.

NEED TO ELECT: One clerical deputy for a two year term and one lay alternate for a two year term

Responsibilities: Deputies to Provincial Synod serve as representatives of the Diocese of Maine to the Province of New England (Province 1). Responsibilities include review of various provincial programs and policies and approval of the provincial budget.

Time Commitment: Attendance at one or two provincial meetings per year. Expenses: Travel expenses reimbursed by diocese if requested.

Current Provincial Synod Members

President, The Rev. Kit Wang

Clerical Deputy the Ven. Aaron Perkins (2019)    

Lay Deputy Ms. Kathy DeSilvey (2020)

Clerical Alternate the Rev. Nina Pooley (ex officio)

Lay Alternate Ms. Elizabeth Ring (ex officio)


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