Pre-Convention Online Meetings

All canonically resident clergy, priests in charge of congregations and registered delegates to the 201st Annual Convention of the Diocese of Maine will receive an invitation to register for Town Hall meetings on Tuesdays, and it is our hope that you will attend to learn about upcoming convention business and procedures. Recordings of the meetings will be available to view here or by clicking the dates listed below on the following day. 

Below find dates of these Town Hall Meetings, convention topics to be covered, and links to recordings for those who can't make it:
conventin sept cal 
September 8  (conventin discussion begins about minute 5:30)
Theme Announced, Naming Your "Square" in Zoom, Planning Team Introduced, Website Overview, Resolution and Nomination Deadlines, How to Register
September 15  (convention discussion begins about minute 26:00)
Naming Yourself on Zoom, Clarifying Attendance at Town Hall, Convention Agenda on 17/18, Breakout Room Practice, Polling Practice, Contingency Plans, AlertMedia
September 22
Rules of Order, Resolutions Introduced, How Your Screen Will Look During Convention, Breakout Room Practice, Polling Practice
September 29
Budget and Resolutions Presented, Submit Questions about Budget or Resolutions on Oct 6, Breakout Room Practice, Polling Practice
convention oct cal 
October 6
Submitted Budget and Resolutions Questions Answered, Special Instructions for Delegates and Alternates on the Day of Convention, Deadline for Delegate Changes
October 13
Area Caucuses to Vote for Diocesan Council Representatives, Convention Dress Rehearsal
Recordings of these meetings will be available the day after the meeting for those who can't attend. View recordings here or by clicking the dates above. You can also consult someone from your congregation who attended for a recap.
All Town Hall meetings are scheduled from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. It will be necessary to complete the registration for the pre-convention meetings when you receive the invitation. The link to register is emailed on Saturday morning and again on Tuesday morning. Have you misplaced your invitation? Please email Canon Barbara Martin. 
See more about what you will need to have ready in order to participate in our first online convention here
If you are a clergyperson canonically resident in the Diocese of Maine or priest-in-charge of a Maine congregation and are not able to attend the 201st Annual Convention of the Diocese of Maine (online) on October 17-18, please email Canon Barbara Martin
If you are a layperson, having been duly elected for a seat at convention, and are unable to attend the 201st Annual Convention of the Diocese of Maine (onine) on October 17-18, please be in touch with your priest-in-charge or, in the absence of a priest, your Senior Warden.

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