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Advent Devotions
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Though the original content was distributed a few years ago, but you might find several of these resources useful any year.
Preparing to welcome visitors
Advent Parish Checklist - Use this handy checklist for getting your church ready for visitors during Advent and Christmas.  
Amp Up Your Hospitality - We all know that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but first impressions DO matter and we use them. 
Hospitality Matters: Seeing Our Buildings Anew - What people see – or don’t see – when entering your church can make a lasting impression. 
Prepare the Way for Visitors - In Advent we prepare the way for the birth of Jesus, but are visitors going to be able to find their way to your congregation at Christmas? 
For St. Nicholas Celebrations
Celebrating St. Nicholas - Activities, articles, recipes, and more from the St. Nicholas Center. 
St. Nicholas Connecting the Past and the Present - Richelle Thompson shares what happened when St. Nicholas visited her congregation. 
St. Nicholas Day Resources - Jim Rosenthal shares tools for offering an in-depth look at Santa. 
What is Advent? What does Christmas Mean? 
Advent in 2 Minutes - Not quite sure how to explain what exactly Advent is? This video by Busted Halo can help.  
Advent: Taking it to the Streets - Our church brings ashes to the street on Ash Wednesday; how might we bring Advent to the streets during this hectic season?  
Advent Video (log into Facebook to view) - "Advent is coming (and we saved you a seat)" St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Cypress, Texas invites people to slow down and rediscover the meaning of Advent and Christmas.  
Christmas Messages - Short, simple, and powerful. Create a video message or ad for Christmas that’s easy to produce.  
Preparing for a Blue Christmas - Resources for Blue Christmas services.

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