Worship with the Diocese Sunday, September 27

angel book
Please join us for worship online. The service will be compiled by a diocese-wide team for September 27.
Art and Angels
In preparation for this service on September 27, we invite the children of the diocese to draw, paint or compose pictures of what they think angels look like.
We now have (thanks to the Reverend Canon Nancy Moore and Michael Turner) a wonderful e-book to read to children as they embark on this project. Click here to access and download the e-book.
Please take a photo of the angel art and send the photo to Director of Communications Katie Clark. Please include the first name of the artist and their age. You can also drop the images directly into this folder. Just include the first name and age of the artist in your file name.
The deadline for submissions is Friday, September 18.
Here's how you can join us on the morning of Sept. 27
Watch on YouTube at 7:30 am or anytime after.
The video will 'premiere' on Facebook at 10 am.

If you are interested in participating in the October service, please email Director of Communications Katie Clark.

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