Finance Department

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2018 Church Finances Workshop

Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs - 2012 edition

Parochial Reports (due March 1st)

Clergy Compensation Handbook

Diocesan Payroll Program

Audit Policy

Trustees of Diocesan Funds Reports

2019 Strategic Mission Support Application

2019 Diocesan Program Budget Application

In 2018, the diocese will reimburse mileage at the business rate of $0.545 per mile.


Finance Committee

The Rev. Lael Sorensen, Chair
Mr. Richard Rozene, Treasurer
The Rt. Rev. Stephen T. Lane, Bishop of Maine
Cn. Terry Reimer, Canon Missioner for Finance and Stewardship
Mr. Fred Fowler
Mr. David Greer
Mr. Rick Lombardi
The Rev. Cn. Nancy Moore






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