"Circles of Light" is a three-phase process of group discernment designed for Maine Episcopalians as a means to further explore, identify and affirm baptismal ministry. Discernment is an ongoing process in all of our lives - whether lay or ordained. The "Circles of Light" discernment process was authored by the Rev. Ann Kidder, a priest in the Diocese of Maine.

There are three phases in Circles of Light:

Here I Am, Send Me is a regionally based group discernment of our baptismal ministries. All members of the group are considered "seekers" and there are 4-6 seekers in a group, along with a trained group facilitator. This phase is a pre-requisite to either of the next two phases of discernment.

More Deeply Into Christ is a continuation of the discernment process, however there is just one specific "seeker" in the group. There are 4 other group members or "companions".  A companion's role is to listen, pray, reflect, engage in conversation and help discern what God's desires may be for the "seeker" and whether that might include a call to ordained ministry. This group experience is guided by a trained group facilitator.

Power From On High is modeled similar to the group process of More Deeply into Christ, however the seeker wishes to further explore, discern and affirm his/her lay ministry. This is done in a group setting, with 4 companions participating and sharing in the experience, guided by a trained facilitator.

If you would like to discuss the "Circles of Light" process or are interested in forming a group, please contact Michael Ambler, Canon to the Ordinary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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