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Bishop Stephen T. Lane
Learn more about Bishop Lane and what goes on in the Bishop's office.

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Learn more about the Diocese of Maine staff, what they do, and how they assist Maine congregations and clergy.

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What do Episcopalians believe? How do they worship? How do they engage in God's work in the world around them? How can you become involved?

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A short history of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine

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"I’d like you to consider your lives from the standpoint of one who knows that God has already overcome sin and death. I’d like you to think how you can live according to the standard of the world that is coming; how you can be kinder, more hospitable, more compassionate, more just."

Bishop Stephen T. Lane

God of unchanging power and eternal light, loving God, who is Mother and Father of us all; Grant to your people in the Episcopal Diocese of Maine grace and courage to be a new church for a new day. Give us vision and wisdom to discern your will in a changing world and persistence to go out to our neighbors and live your Good News in new and creative ways. Help us to trust the companionship of your Spirit on this journey even as we experience confusion and difficulty. Lead us, we pray, to that future, still unseen by us, where you are already waiting for our arrival and where, with your Son and the Holy Spirit, you live and reign now and for ever. Amen

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